Why We Gain Weight

We have a lot of questions running through our mind and one of them is probably the question of why we gain weight. If you are still interested in that question then this article might ease your curiosity. Interestingly there are quite a lot of reasons why we gain weight, and some of it might be peculiar. In this blog, we will talk about why we gain weight and possibly give you tips about fat reduction.

Why We Gain Weight 

  • H2O

There are many reasons in why we gain weight and one of it is not drinking enough H20 or in simpler terms water. Many people tend to be thirsty, and our body might take thirst as a food craving or simply a sign that you might be starving. It is a must to drink water 8 to 12 cups a day, and to add a bonus, water has zero calories. And lastly, if you find the ordinary water repetitive, we suggest you put little fruits or vegetable just too spiced things up a bit. 

  • Rest

Resting is very important, it doesn’t just help you relax but it can have a great effect on your body weight. Rest includes sleep, a lack of sleep affects your physical form quite a lot, it changes your hormones and makes you a tad bit lazy for exercising. If you can’t sleep there are many ways for you to that includes lowering your room temperature, experiencing daylight and nightlight, and etc. For relaxing, people who are unrelaxed tend to eat their comfort foods and most comfort foods are unhealthy and for that, you’ll gain weight. 

  • Distractions andDishes

We have our moments when we have a big bowl of popcorn while watching TV and suddenly five minutes later, all your popcorns disappear, we have an explanation for that. When we eat while doing something that isn’t eating can help you gain weight because you didn’t realize how much food you consume while playing your phone or something. Another problem is when you eat in a large bowl or plate, eating in a large dish can make your food look smaller than it seemed. In order to solve that conflict, just eat in a smaller dish to avoid complications. 

  • Protein and Fiber

These two things are one of the most assumed misconceptions in gaining weight, a lot of people said that eating protein and fiber can help you gain weight but actually it can help you not gain weight, why? Protein can actually help you boost your metabolism and preserve your muscle mass, it can also make your hormones more intact. While fiber can help you have authority in terms of your appetite. So, eating fiber and protein foods can really help you lose weight. 

These reasons are just a little sneak peek in why we gain weight. Although it is only a little, we hope that this article helped you ease your curiosity in why we gain weight and helped you control your body and eating habits. Have a happy healthy life! 

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